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My previous two articles "What is RSS and Why use RSS" focused on how we can give our customers a better online experience while lessening the hassles for the online marketer. In this article I'm going to offer you another way to look at RSS - from the standpoint of a new emerging profession: the channelmaster or newsmaster as Robin Good calls it. These are going to be the "Who's Who" of RSS in the coming months and years. I remember when email was the new thing for the average person; everyone was excited about the "new" technology. It had been around for awhile in the tech world but not with the average person. When we all started using email, it was so fascinating to be able to send out a message anywhere and get an answer back the same day!

Now everyone has and uses email and have even become addicted to its use. It's as everyday as driving a car. RSS has taken the front seat in new exciting technology but people still aren't exactly sure what it all means. That's where the "Who Uses RSS" is emerging into a new field of expertise and profession. The bloggers everyone was laughing at a year or two today will now get their comeuppance and return the favor of "see who's laughing now". Bloggers are ast understanding how to utilize the RSS technology and incorporate that into a fast emerging technical profession. They are becoming the 21st century webmasters.

RSS is the newest trend online and with new trends come excitement and momentum! Those positioned to utilize the RSS technology now and incorporate it into their venue of services will be the ones reaping the benefits and profit that goes with a trend of this magnitude. Those offering services as newsmasters and channelmasters will be in high demand during the coming months and years.

More and more people are reading and getting their news online because they can read and watch what they want when they want. People want control again of what they read and assimilate without all the hype thrown at us offline. We also want it fast and now! Not after several thousand commercials! Read what Marcus P. Zillman in an interview with Robin Good has to say: "News online will be even faster with RSS feeds to alert of the key words that we have identified as outliners for information discovery?.eMail alerts will be replaced with RSS feeds?" The Future Of News: The Digital Information Librarians .

Who would use RSS? Everyone will very soon! I publish several RSS channels using the Quikonnex system and so will eventually be considered a channelmaster. I have never published an email newsletter because before I started to I found out about the Quikonnex system and somehow I just knew that the online trend would be towards this sort of information delivery. I knew because I had been watching the "happenings" online through tech newsletters and reading all I could online. I wanted to be in the know, so I could offer the best possible service to my customers.

Funny thing is, my business is natural pet care and yet here I am positioned to be a channelmaster. So, while you're sitting there wondering who would use RSS, think on that!

Kim Bloomer publishes several RSS channels using the Quikonnex system. For more details on what she does and to subscribe to her RSS channels go to

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