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Do You Know The 3 Key Ways to Blog to Promote Your Online Home Based Business?

Most People who Blog and Ping only use 1 Method to promote there online Home Based Business. Their are actually 3 Keys ways a Blog can help you promote your Online Home based Business for little or no cost to you. If you aren't using all 3 Methods then you are missing out on some huge marketing opportunities.

The 3 Methods are

  • Blog and Ping
  • Article Distribution
  • Article Writing
  • It is highly recommended that you get a Separate Blog for Each of the above methods and possibly even a 4th Blog to Blog and Ping your other Blogs. There are many sources of free Blogs on the Internet. is a very popular free blog service that also happens to be owned by Google. Another nice feature of Blogger is that they allow you to manage many Blogs from one account.

    Method 1 - Blog and Ping

    Blog and ping is probably the most popular way that people use Blogs to Market their online Business. Basically you create a Blog entry about your online web page then you Ping all the Blog Services and tell them you updated your Blog. This Method tends to get your Web Page and Blog Pages indexed faster by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

    Method 2 - Article Distribution.

    There are Many places on the Internet that have articles available that you can freely republish as long as you keep the resource Box, By Line and Copyright of the Author Unchanged. You simply find some articles related to your web page and then place them in your Blog. Of course you could write an Opening Paragraph introducing the Article or a closing paragraph summarizing the article. Make Sure that your Opening and/ or closing Paragraphs refer to your online Web Site. After you Update your Blog you Ping all the Blog Services as in step 1.

    Method 3 - Article Writing

    I firmly belive everyone has an Article or 2 in them. I am no Journalist far from it and I Write Articles. When I was in college I wrote 2 term papers the first one was for a mandatory Freshman English writing class that everyone had to take and the second one was my very last semester. I broke my leg Skiing the day before my last final and the teacher told me to write a term paper because she didn't want to create a special final just for me. So if I can write an article anyone can. If you need help writing that article here is a 'how to' article you can look at. (

    Now that you wrote that article Publish it to your Blog and then Ping as in steps 1 and 2. Don't forget to include a Resource Box in your article. Lastly be sure to submit your article to the article Directories. (

    Super User Tip. Create a 4th Blog and make entries to it whenever you update any of the above 3 Blogs. Then Ping the Blog Server for some extra exposure. You may want to use a different Blog Server like Bloglines for this 4th Blog.

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